Autumn in the Organic Vegie Patch – SOLD OUT!

Come for an Autumn garden tour! We’ll be talkin’ autumn garden clean up, compost making and getting your garden beds through the winter. How to grow beautiful brassicas with big curds, garlic, crunchy celery and winter saladings.

Two Cabbage Salads

Get a spring in your step with some raw food meals. A salad is lovely for lunch. If you pimp it out with some nuts or seeds you’ll feel full in a light kind of way. Here are a couple of lovely cabbage salads since spring is the season of using up the last of […]

Flushing Cabbages

Although this looks a bit odd – like some kind of hybrid vegetable experiment gone wrong – it’s nothing sinister!, just the second flush of cabbages that comes along after the main head is cut. Cute little mini cabbages, just as useful as the first big one. (Such great bang for your buck brassicas – […]

April in the Vegie Patch

Keep your broccoli, cauliflower and cabbages growing fast with:  weekly liquid feeding,  cabbage white control,  good watering,  extra mulch up around the stalks. Include some rotten poo in this mulch for a lovely booster (they will peg new roots down in this mulch giving them extra resilience). In the next two weeks: Plant out lots of salad […]