April in the Vegie Patch

Sometimes I dream of having a cute-as-pie little wee vegie patch. Every square inch crammed with food and flowers – growing up the walls and over the sheds. Oh the free time for knitting and baking and helping my friends in their gardens. At the moment I can spread out and play with all manner […]

April in the Orchard

Autumn marks the beginning of dormant sprays. So clean your backpack sprayer out and get ready to copper if your stonefruit had bacterial infections (cankers, oozing sap, cracks in bark, yellowing leaves followed by premature leaf fall) or leaf curl. Do this at leaf fall. Two of my apples had black spot so I’ll do […]


I farewell you today with a sad story – Mow is dead. Our adorable weed eater – him in charge of keeping our perimeter weed free, was horribly mauled by two dogs. An horrific death, and I must live with the fact that I consigned him his fate when I tethered him. My friend has […]

April in the Orchard

Three apple trees left to pick – Monty’s Surprise (pictured), Mother, Tydemans Late and one pear – Winter Nellis. These late ones are the keepers, so make sure they are properly ripe first. This is a real knack and I talked about this recently, so won’t repeat myself. Overripe and they’ll go mushy in storage […]