Summer Open Day cancelled

bumble on echinaceaSad news folks. I was looking forward to our summer garden wander (Tuesday 20th January), some cake and tea with my favourite gardeners, but I’ve gone and put my back out and am in recovery mode. Oh for the ability to bend and lift, you lucky mobile beings! If you have a working body, appreciate all it does for you today.
See you another time soon, Kath.


  1. Same! Sorry to hear about your injury. I usually hobble about for several weeks looking after myself but needed to be better for a conference this week. Got panadol & anti inflammatory drugs from the Dr & did some stretch exercises & it’s amazing how fast I’ve got better. Had the muscle type of sciatica, not involving the spine. Hope yours gets the attention it deserves.

  2. Trish Sarr says:

    I hope, and I know lots of us do, that you heal quickly and smoothly. You’re a taonga, madam!

  3. Wishing you a restful recovery Kath, and healing solace from your garden.