South Island Workshops And Pruning Lessons In June

Harolds RedHow To Prune Fruit Trees

June 17 is my “How To Prune Fruit Tree’s” workshop. Small fruit trees = orcharding happiness! Those of you with young trees are well placed for this to happen. Training them while they’re bendy and young is the ticket. That sweet innocence doesn’t last for long – and before you know it, it’s ladders, scratches and stress. Get ’em young, keep ’em small, and be happy!

The Abundant Vegie Patch

Abundant Vegie Patch

South Island – here I come! Me and my Abundant Vegie Patch workshop. 20 years I’ve been growing our vegetables, feeding the family from my garden. Book in and soak up all that learning.

I’m looking forward to some glorious southern autumn colour. Is Hagley Park the place? Perhaps the drive from Christchurch to Wanaka will oblige.

Yours in the earth,

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