Slow it down this Christmas!

poppies and phaceliaGreetings Edible Backyarders,

Here we are at year end. My life is about slow down for a bit and I sure hope yours is too. I look forward to just being in the garden, as opposed to the task driven focus I have at the moment. Better than any Christmas present is some time to debunk, to unwind, to remember who I am and to restore all my senses. I wish this for you too!

Workshop vouchers are available here if you want an earth-friendly Christmas gift for someone you love; or how bout a ticket to the very special twilight concert at our place on January 10th with the Andrew London trio.

My last open day for the year is tomorrow, December 2nd. I’ve enjoyed them so much that I’m going to roll a few more out at the beginning of next year. The dates will be on my 2015 calendar, which is nearly ready to go to air. I’ll be sure to post it on my facebook page when I’m satisfied. I’d love to hear your workshop requests!

Yours in the earth, Kath