Oh, Beetroot!

Can you feel the vitality of this salad jumping off the page? Fresh picked beetroot grated over a salad just brings it to life doesn’t it? Beetroot is such a vibrant vegie, and no surprise (with its deep red colour) that it’s a blood cleanser.

Feel free to use it raw (pickling isn’t the only option!) You can also use it in place of any root vege eg: grated through a meatloaf or patties, in baking (beetroot cake is just as great as carrot cake), and of course as a roast vege. Oranges and beetroot are a match made in heaven. Either use segments of orange in your beetroot salad, or orange juice squeezed over – yum!

One of my favourite pick me up salads is grated carrot, beetroot (perhaps some apple too) with a few grates of fresh ginger and lemon juice.

Envigorate yourself!

beautiful beetroot and carrot salad