My favourite summer green

magenta spreen… has to be Magenta Spreen (sorry, couldn’t resist the rhyme). Drought tolerant, low maintenance, productive and stunning (check out those pretty magenta splashes) – what more could a food gardener ask for? She’ll grow to 1.5m or more, so the back is the best place. Sow the seed direct and in 6 weeks time you’ll be harvesting spinach like leaves for salads, frittatas, steamed vege – whatever it is the cook desires.

Tall vege like Miss Magenta, provide alot of crop in less ground space as well as much needed semi shade for leafy greens through the hot season. If you leave her to self seed you’ll be rewarded with a bounty of seedlings every summer. And her grand finale – a very useful pile of biomass for your compost heap or mulch pile.