Let There Be Light!

sweet treasure corn

With shrinking daylight and dewy ground it’s a good idea to check how the air flows and the light shines in your vegie patch. Grab your seceteurs and go for a slash and mulch mission to open everything up.

  • Help your pumpkins, squash, peppers, aubergines and tomatoes ripen up by trimming back that wild jungle of leaves.
  • If your corn is blocking light/ air to other crops, cut down the finished stalks and the scrawny undeveloped ones.
  • Greencrops, seeding chards, marigolds, borage and other rambuctious things can be take back as little or as much as you need.

Either pile the trimmings back on the bed from whence they came or make an awesome compost pile. (Unless of course they have the pox, in which case tuck them under natives/ shrubs/ trees/ wild places, or burn them up.)






  1. Dianne Suisted says:

    Thank you for looking after us all so well!
    Warm regards