June In The Vegie Patch

june vegieWinter provides a window for fun stuff . An opportunity to give those improvements you’ve been dreaming of wings. Use the next few months to move plants, make new beds, plant trees, build or fix fences, set up irrigation, sort out the boggy patch, buy a new rose (or two) and go plant shopping (very important to increase your biodiversity!)

What to Sow and Plant in June

  • Sow peas, snowpeas and broadbeans; spinach; onions and radish.
  • Sow mustard or lupin greencrops.
  • Plant kale, broccoli and cabbage; silverbeet; shallots and garlic; strawberries.
  • Plant salads under cover (greenhouse or cloche). Warm the soil by creating ridges to plant into and using nature’s heaters like seaweed and grass clippings.
  • If you’re planning on planting out onions next month put some thought into your bed preparation. I’ll be chopping my pea and oat greencrop down, adding compost and leaving it to settle for a few weeks.
  • Asparagus needs all its canes chopped back this month. Cover the bed with a generous layer of rotten manure or seaweed and spread the chopped up canes on as mulch.



  1. Debra Banks says:

    We would like to get a vege patch going at our school and was wondering what would be the best things to p,ant as we are all new to vege gardening

    • Hi Debra
      You’re lucky to have Chris Thorpe on your team – she grew up on a market garden! Get your soil ready then pop some strawberries in – kids love those! Put up a climbing frame and sow some peas. You could also plant some garlic and get some seed potatoes sprouting ready to plant out in spring.
      All the best