July, July

frosty morningGreetings Gardeners,

Such glorious days. Far too glorious to be inside, and indeed I haven’t. Instead I’ve been very naughty, neglecting  proper stuff in favour of gardening gardening gardening!

Cold weather is best weather for working hard. I’ve been weeding and mulching to get a head start on spring weeds. Foraging for OM (organic matter). Pruning. Fencing up a storm. And moving trees and perennials, because now is the hour.

On August 1st I’m opening the gardens for a winter viewing. I thought you might be interested to see what winter looks like in our corner of paradise. To see the food gardens in their quiet, but none the less productive, phase. So different from the riot of colour and life that is summer. Not a lot of fireside lolling round here – we’re getting out amongst it! See you for coffee and scones and a winter garden wander.

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The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings. Masanobu Fukuoka. My hero.