I’ve Got Vouchers!

Copy of Edible Backyard gift voucher

For a seemingly small thing, its been a team effort to make these vouchers – Steve’s beautiful art, Ray’s design and Anna’s computer wizardy. And now here they are, Edible Backyard gift vouchers for you to share with your loved ones.

We’ve got all sorts of vouchers on the go

A garden tour voucher. A guided tour of my gardens, garden wisdoms shared, your questions answered – a lovely time had by all! You can extend your visit with a homemade smoko or woodfired pizza lunch.

A consult voucher. Should someone you love be tied up in knots about how to achieve their edible garden dream, or the vegie garden just isn’t working – an hour and half with me and we’ll untie all the knots, I’ll sort it.

A workshop voucher, personalised to the workshop of your choice.

An open day voucher for two. Because coming along with a mate is more fun.

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