I’m Coming To Christchurch, Wanaka And The Beautiful Westcoast!

Abundant Vegie PatchSo many kind offers to host the Abundant Vegie Patch workshop – wonderful people, I thank you all.

Since a workshop roadie is a new thing for me, I’ve chosen but a few. Picking the ones that are far from home – to get to places that would never make it to me.

Spring sees me head to a few gorgeous spots up north and out west, but first of all (and rightly so) I’m crossing the strait and going south.

Numbers are limited – we’re not in halls, people, we’re in homes! So if you’re keen to join me – best you book today.

Looking forward to meeting you then!

Yours in the earth

PS: For those of you who’ve gotten this far and are wondering where the details are. Let me help you out. See those bullet points above. Take your mouse and point it on the location of your choosing. See how the point becomes a hand – simply click and go! I understand, truly I do. You’re people of the earth, not of technology 🙂