How To Tell When Apples Are Ready To Harvest

Plums, peaches and apricots are so good (especially home grown and fresh off the tree), but the top of my list, my favourite of all – are the pips. Nashis, pears and apples – oh lala!

Knowing when they are ready is a thing. Something you don’t think about until you need to harvest for the first time. So, how do you tell?

  1. First up, have an expectation of harvest date. Look it up, ask around.
  2. Second, it’s about how they look. The top colour and that sneaky undercolour need to be in alignment. You’ll get on a page with all your varieties as the years go by, and you can of course look this up as well. There are super descriptive, poetic even, fruit descriptions out there.
  3. Third, is the pip test.  Let me show you.

Hetlina is first out of the starting blocks at my place. Usually ready late Feb/ early March, this year everything is of course, erring on the side of late. HetlinaSo though she looks all rosy red the undercolour which you can see peeking out at the bottom of the apple, is still a little dark. When ripe the undercolour on a Hetlina goes from dark to light green.

So now I’ll cut her open for the pip test. Nope, definately not ready.

piptest hetlina

The pips are pale as and see how the flesh is turning brown at the edges. In 10 mins it’ll all be really brown – oxidising flesh is another sign of an unripe apple.

They’ll be ready to pick when the pips are dark brown and the flesh stays snow white when cut.


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