Got weeding to do? Get a chicken!

chooksingreenhouseEvery autumn I sow a mustard greencrop in the greenhouse. Mustard for soil is like lemon juice for livers – a deep cleanse. Come June when we’re done with the tomatoes and peppers I let the chickens loose amongst it. Don’t you just love seeing a chicken how nature intended, body lost in a jungle of greens! No one can de bug, manure and weed like a chicken, and five weeks later nothing remains. Not a scrap of green left (apart from the salads and celery saved by birdnetting). Job tidy and I didn’t break a sweat. Today they leave their winter Bali break and move to the forest run because its time (believe it or not!) to scrub down the greenhouse, pile on the compost and get ready for sowing tomatoes and peppers, dwarf beans and the next lot of salads. Creeps up on you, doesn’t it?