February’s Gardening News

January potagerFebruary’s news is short and sweet, for I am dashing thither and yon whipping you up a delicious event! Yes the Summer Gathering is upon us, 2 weeks to go and we’ll be enjoying some inspiring days together. Do come along, we like to think there’s no other event like it!

In readiness for having you lot in my garden, I’ve trimmed everything back to let there be path; then with an outstanding family effort, spread a thick layer of sawdust over to protect the soils from many feet. The gardens are super tidy (and thus feel unfamiliar!) Te whanau, however are happy …. always on at me about my jungley garden.

Anyway, in a nutshell for Feb – sow another lot of brassicas. Protect them from cabbage whites by spraying dipel (kiwicare organic cabbage bio-control) fortnightly. Keep them moist. Go the extra mile and make a simple shade house over your transplanted seedlings. If you keep them out of the baking heat it’ll helps grow good tight heads. (I’ll be talking tips for growing beautiful brassicas (broccoli, cabbage, cauli) at the Summer Gathering) Direct sow another round of carrots, dill and beetroot. In the semi shade of taller crops direct sow coriander and saladings. Plant some parsley in a shady spot (one should never be without it!)

I hope you know what you’re planting next as your beds empty. Go through your crop rotation notebook and figure out how you are filling the next lot of empty beds to make sure you get everything you want this autumn/ winter. It’s time to sow quick turn around summer greencrops like buckwheat and phacelia and mustard to nourish the soil before planting garlic, late brassicas  and strawberries. Oats, wheat, barley can start going in at the end of summer crops to look after your soils through winter and get them ready to churn out spring crops (is there anything as simple yet effective as a greencrop?)

Summer prune your stone fruit as it finishes fruiting (if it needs it). Daffodil planting time is here – perfect for spring gorgeousness in the orchard. (We have bags of King Alfred daffs for sale at the Summer Gathering.) Please chuck some flour or diatomaceous earth or potash over any pear slug infected trees as another generation rises (I will likely run out of time to do mine so think of me!)

See you at my place real soon!

Yours in the Earth, Kath