Come Visit This November

potager poppiesGreetings Friends and Food Gardeners,

A whirlwind is how November will be. From start to finish. After that I’m dipping out of events at home for a while, taking a break.

The Spring Open Day’s are a chance to wander my gardens at your leisure. Book into either Tuesday 17th or Tuesday 24th November. There’s a map to follow and my ear to bend. You can buy some homemade morning tea, or bring your own; and if I can entice Ebony out possibly coffee, but definitely fresh picked herb tea. I’m hoping (wickedly) to lure you from your Tuesday responsibilities. Go on, take a day for yourself.

The Chook Workshop is happening on the 21st November, and will be my last workshop for a while.

I’ll be popping up here and there in the community, and will still be mailing out monthly news on the first – we’ll keep in touch.

Go well.

Yours in the Earth, Kath