My 7 Garden Must Haves, Managing Slugs and a DIY pH Test

These are the things I buy in to support my food garden to be great. The things that I deem essential. I dream of buying nothing, relying only on foraged and homegrown gifts from nature, but I haven’t made it there yet. What I have done is whittle down my buy ins to the bare […]

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

… just look at all that potential compost! If you were thinking – wow what a beautiful tree spinach you’d also be on the right track – Miss Magenta Spreen is a real star, an essential part of our summer greens. Gorgeous though she is, I’m eyeing her up because she’ll make a considerable contribution […]

The easiest wormfarm ever!

A wormfarm in the ground – almost too simple to be true (you’ll be scratching your heads at how you missed this most obvious idea). No plastic, no complicated management; just nature unfolding (and the joy of finding yet another effective shortcut to ease your life). Trenching foodscraps direct in your soil is the easiest […]

August in the Vegie Patch

I know I’m repeating myself here, but it’s worth it to get some cover up. It’s cold out. You put on a jersey, so do the same for your plants. The toasty warm soil will really get your seedlings going. If you are on free draining loamy soils then you’ll be able to work your […]