Loving Wrinkles

The joy of having a stash of homegrown apples is experiencing their changing flavour as they age. It’s a revelation in our smooth, shiny world to bite into a wrinkly, no longer firm to the touch apple. In days gone by it’s just how it was – you grew it, you ate it all up. […]

Testing Apples for Ripeness and Storing the Harvest

This year my 3m x 3m (I keep my trees pruned small), 6 year old Captain Kidd apple tree has given us 40kgs of beautiful apples (approx 266 apples). Last year the harvest was 50kg (about 333 apples). 300 apples a year, per tree – I think is a great yield from a backyard effort. […]

April in the Vegie Patch

When to Call it Quits The season’s well and truly turned at my place. Cold nights slow heat lovers to a standstill, and although they have babies, it’ll be getting too cold for them to fully develop. So rouse your tough loving self and whip out the old (hurrah compost!) and sow the new. Especially […]

How (and When) to Harvest Garlic

The tips on my garlic leaves are beginning to yellow, this tells me harvest time is near. There is one way to know for sure and that’s to dig a bulb. Looks like we’re good to go! Once the tops start yellowing off there will be no more bulb development so don’t hold out for […]