Coping with Green Vegetable Bugs

The Importance of the Right Name When learning about a pest, begin your journey by finding out it’s scientific name. The bug I’m ruminating on today is the Green Vegetable Bug Nezara Viridula, also called green vegetable beetle, stink bug or shield bug. These other names bring you to an array of bugs, not necessarily Nezara […]

Help, My Tomato Has Wilted!

There’s nothing sadder than a crop gone awry, all that love and care down the tubes. In this case we have a wilted (past the point of recovery) tomato. When something goes awry in the vegie patch look to the obvious things first (I know how you love to declare phytophthora). Has your tomato dried […]

Save Your Seedlings From The Birds

I know its spring when divots appear in my vegie patch, and mulch is flung all over. Starlings and Blackbirds are in heaven here with plenty of nest making goodness and a bounty of worms for dinner. It’s important work keeping them at bay, otherwise seeds and seedlings don’t stand a chance. Birdnet is your […]

5 ways to beat the Tomato Potato Psyllid

It’s the psyllid season. With a potential to wipe out up to 80% of your gorgeous tomato crop it’s an important pest to understand. Managing psyllids is extra time and extra money, but come on guys – it’s tomatoes were talkin’ about! Are they worth it? Hell yeah! 1. Know the signs. Yellowing tips; curling […]