Beware the Broody Chook!

Beware the broody chook as spring fever sets in! You’ll know shes broody because she will still be sitting in the nesting box in the evening and when you try to get her off she’ll fluff up her feathers and growl at you. You can either shock her out of feeling broody by putting her […]

The Chook Workshop

Coming up on October 10th is the Chook Workshop. You’ll learn how to be a good mum to your flock, how to handle the tough stuff eg: worms, death, lice; and how to get them working for you in an easy to manage system. Chooks are so very useful to the food gardener, I can’t […]

September in the Chookyard

The chickens are in egg laying overdrive and are currently having a fat old time weeding my hazelnuts and finding bugs galore among the natives. A mobile home surrounded by Electranet means I can move the chickens to a new home easily. They do a job for me (weeding and feeding and bug hunting) and […]

August in the Chookyard

Chooks that had an autumn moult will be back on the lay and needing good protein in their food. Pellets are a complete food, but if like me you are trying to get away from the pellets then what do you do for protein? My chooks get fed sprouted grains, raw milk/ yoghurt and a […]