Autumn happenings & Winter crops

buckwheat and verbena

Greetings all,

Well that’s it – summer’s a wrap! Cooler nights mean growth is slowing down, soils loose their heat and that flurry of energy returns to the earth for a rest. Whatever it is you want to be eating this winter needs to be getting a groove on. Getting your winter crops cranking while the summer crops are still in good heart can be a fiddle, especially in smaller gardens. Make your vegie garden a nonstop flow of produce by sowing seed or planting seedlings beneath older plants. Just be sure to let the light in by trimming lower/ ratty branches. If you are short on room and time then choose easy, cut and come again nutritious greens like kale, parsley and chard. If you have more time and more room then add brassicas, celery and rootcrops.


Autumn in the Vegie Patch runs on the 28th March, inspiring your Autumn/ Winter vegie patch to great heights! We’ll be joined by Anna Butterfield from LovePlantLife, who’ll teach us how to save our seeds.

Edible Backyard is on the circuit of the Behind the Hedges garden trail on the 15th March (a fundraiser for our fabulous community centre Te Takere.)

The inspiring Sustainable Home and Garden show is on the 21st/ 22nd March. I’ll be hanging out with Hannah Zwartz in the garden to answer your questions and gas bag about gardening.

On April 11th Sarah Frater is coming here to teach Fabulous Fruit Trees with me. A great opportunity to get your fruit growing venture off to a flying start.


Yours in the earth,