Steady As She Goes

Patience is required at this time of year, dear gardener. Success hinges on friable (the opposite of soggy), 10° + soil. Get your soil thermometer out, and check. At 10 degrees your soil is ready to receive compost or lime, ready to grow cool weather crops (because face it, 10° is still pretty fresh!). Cloches […]

Creamy Green Coconut Curry

Quick comfort. Easy nourishment. This bowl ticks all my week night dinner boxes. And it’s timely – with so many broccoli shoots in the garden, inspiration is called for. Creamy Green Coconut Curry A recipe from the lovely Emma Hatcher of She Can’t Eat What?! 1 Tblspn Coconut Oil I Tblspn of Olive oil 3cm […]

How To Prune Raspberries

You’ll get the best out of your raspberries with a winter prune – bigger fruits, less disease and easier picking. For Red Raspberries That Fruit In Summer Year 1 The new canes that shoot away in spring are green and fresh – these are called primocanes. Through the summer they develop fruit buds along the […]

Pruning Tips + Pruning Video + Book News

Last month I promised you the new and improved version of “A Beginners Guide To Pruning”, and now I have to un-promise. It is not ready. My time has been spent on more important things – I’ve been with my dear sister-in-law who was finishing her days after a short, sharp battle with lung cancer. […]