Another Fantastic Festival

Big ups to all those intrepid folk who braved the weather and came along to our Autumn festival. The weather didn’t matter, did it? What amazing days we had together – I thank you all for your fine company. Congratulations to Rosemary Neilson and Traci Wheeler for winning the best pickle of the show!

Talking with Steve ( about ‘living at baseline’ was my festival inspiration. Those of you with the privilege of sharing your lives with animals will know how chilled they are – operating about 90% of their lives in a calm, relaxed state of being; only 10% in high adrenaline (flight or fight). Sounds nice don’t it. We, of course, tend to the opposite.

The thing is our bodies aren’t designed for high stress (ie high adrenaline) based lifestyles. Spinning out saps a lot of energy – so much so that our digestion shuts down, our immunity is compromised, and our brain operates different… No kidding, right?!

How have we let this adrenaline based lifestyle take us over when it clearly doesn’t work? Having a goal to breeze through life in a calm, self-contained fashion is all very well, but we’re surrounded by highly strung, easily freaked-out individuals all trying to look good, be clever, be here there everywhere, achieve, achieve, achieve. It’s adrenaline fuelled edgy living.

Adrenaline was not intended for first world problems – the slow driver, the dropped egg, the wet bathmat on the floor. Adrenaline is an important survival response. We need to save it for the slightly more serious eg: confronting a bear whilst on a walk in the woods, or breaking your leg while alone high in the Andes.

How to bring yourself back to baseline? Simple – some lovely deep breaths, right into the belly. Or a phone call to an understanding friend who will firmly, but gently bring you back. When I’m in a real I-have-lost-the-plot moment there is nothing like an escape to the garden to plant me back on the ground. Of course living in the bushes helps a lot.

Have you got a bring it back to baseline strategy? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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