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December in the Vegie Patch

Are your gardens mulched? That magic layer of organic matter (mostly dry brown bits) that keeps the moisture in, that provides a roof over the worms heads, that feeds the soil life. What a difference that layer makes (I could never be a market gardener). Now that it’s hot – don’t pull the weeds, just […]

Growing Great Citrus on the Fringes

A fringe (also called a marginal growing area), refers to an area outside of ideal. Living at the base of the Tararua’s sets us firmly on the fringe for citrus. Head 12km west to Levin and it’s a whole other story – oranges flourish. Fringe areas for citrus are either colder, wetter, heavier, windier or […]

Grow Your Own Peach Tree

We get a heap of spring rain down here. Spring rain is fabulous for full tanks and not having to water until December, but it sucks for growing peaches. Fungus alert! Leaf curl abounds! Peaches grown from stone are better at withstanding fungus, making it a worth while exercise if you live in a high […]

Rosewater Almond Cake

Bring your rose petals to the table with this beautiful cake. Perfectly timed for the many celebrations that take place at this time of year – it looks gorgeous, but is super simple to make. This cake comes to us from Eleanor Ozich’s book “My Petite Kitchen Cookbook”. Tasty, simple wholefood – I highly recommend […]