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Growing Food – your way, and my Spring Workshops

Greetings gardeners, Workshop season’s here again. I’m out and about a bit, as well as at home teaching. Here they are – my spring workshops, my offerings to you and your food garden. There are loads of ways to grow food – take your pick! Square foot, biointensive, no dig …  Permaculture is my favourite […]

Make A Speedy (But Slow) Garden Bed

This is a quick and easy way to make a new garden bed. I must warn you; though the construction is quick, the wait until its ready to plant is long. The waiting brings huge benefits, giving nature the opportunity to fully express herself and you the chance to well, wait for something. Oh wow!, […]

September in the Vegie Patch

September’s plate is refreshingly green – saladings, celery, parsley, cress, silverbeet, kale, nettle, the last of the broccoli and cabbage, and (joy oh joy) by the end of the month the first of the asparagus. Planning for Summer Crops Keep your soil alive and fertile by replacing crops as soon as they finish. Sow either […]

Tomato Lentil Soup

Limes make everything brighter (like this soup). Ripe limes hanging on the tree really cheer the winter garden up. You gotta grow a lime! If you live somewhere with cold winters and frosty springs then choose a Tahitian lime. Plant it once frosts are over, and in a frost free spot (close to your house) […]