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Got weeding to do? Get a chicken!

Every autumn I sow a mustard greencrop in the greenhouse. Mustard for soil is like lemon juice for livers – a deep cleanse. Come June when we’re done with the tomatoes and peppers I let the chickens loose amongst it. Don’t you just love seeing a chicken how nature intended, body lost in a jungle […]

July in the Vegie Patch

Winter is shed cleaning season. There’ll be no time in spring (or summer or autumn for that matter), so spend a Sunday in July doing useful things like taking twine off stakes; sorting cloches and birdnetting; and cleaning and sharpening your tools. Sharp tools are dreamy ease, their blunt cousins make you work too hard. […]

Mulled Tamarillos

A beautiful pudding. As delicious as it is gorgeous. 500ml of red wine; or 1cup wine and 1cup water 200g brown sugar 2 cinnamon sticks 3 whole cloves 3 whole star anise 1 orange zested 1 lemon zested 10 firm but ripe tamarillos Put everything except the fruit into a wide pot and gently bring […]

How To Move Older Fruit Trees

To compensate for the big work that is growing your own, us food gardeners are always seeking efficiencies. Ever reaching for the holy grail that is lots of healthy, productive edibles in less space with ever decreasing amounts of work. Hence my winter work to re-organise my fruit trees. Four 5 year old pears and […]