Archives for June 2015

Cloches are a Girl’s Best Friend

My love for cloches is rekindled every winter. They give me salads through the cold months, and for this I am eternally grateful. A cloche is a series of hoops that can be draped with bird netting to protect seeds or seedlings; or covered in plastic to extend the growing season. An essential part of […]

Which Tree Goes Where?

A tree seedling is an innocent thing, like a babe in arms – so full of promise, so deliciously wee. It’s years before you see it’s potential, before you can revel in the glory that is a well-chosen tree in a well chosen spot. The wrong tree in the wrong place … let’s just say […]

Pears with Cream Cheese & Ginger

Nothing brings me more delight than the first ripe pear. Like any love affair it’s high on enthusiasm in the beginning, waning out to a lack of gratitude and all round being taking for granted by the 12th kilo. A bit of jazzing up is required and this yummy idea from Gillian Painter is an […]

June in the Vegie Patch and Gardening Smarter (Not harder)

Greetings all, Even though its chilly out, thoughts of hibernation couldn’t be further from my mind! Take away the the intensive gardening and harvesting of spring through autumn, and I’m freed up to play. Winter provides a window in which I can indulge the improvements I’ve been marinating on over summer. The big one, the […]