Archives for May 2015

The Game is up!

The pumpkins are harvested and the kumara is dug. The risk of frost damage (looks like Jack is on his way) has won out over a bit more ripening on the vine. The pumpkins will cure for another 3 weeks on wooden racks out of the direct sun, on my deck. Kumara is a bit […]

Better than Pea Straw

Is there such a thing? I know you’re wondering it, because you’ve all gone pea straw mad! For sure it’s a lovely addition to your soil, but it’s not gold plated, nor magical (as it’s price tag suggests). If you look out at your garden right now, I’d wager more than a few of you […]

The quest for sweet pumpkins

I turned my pumpkins yesterday to expose the wet patch underneath to the sun and air, and stuffed more mulch underneath. Rot is a tragedy we can easily avoid. If you cannot turn your pumpkin because of a short stalk then brush any wet stuff/ slugs/ slaters off from where it sits, and pile up […]

Rolling with the punches

Stuff happens. Everyday. Stuff that wasn’t part of ‘The Plan’ comes along. Sometimes it’s nature waving her wand, and sometimes it’s us and our busy lives. As a gardener (indeed as a human) it’s better to roll with the punches. A 2 week absence from gardening (a long time for me, and taking me over […]