Archives for April 2015

Perennial Leeks are the best!

With all the good sweet taste of leeks, not as fat as their annual relatives (about the size of your thumb), but oh so much less work. Being edible and perennial make them top of the list – saving time and resources. Right now they are gearing up to supply us with a bounty all […]

April in the Vegie Patch (and how to grow Brassicas)

The summer crops are starting to slow down and look bedraggled, and fair enough too – they’ve slaved away for us all summer long. If they’re still producing, pat yourself on the back, it’s a testament to your good care. It’s about now you really appreciate your successional plantings. For example my first zucchini has […]

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

… just look at all that potential compost! If you were thinking – wow what a beautiful tree spinach you’d also be on the right track – Miss Magenta Spreen is a real star, an essential part of our summer greens. Gorgeous though she is, I’m eyeing her up because she’ll make a considerable contribution […]

Delicious dried apples

Our own dried apples are a family favourite. The ones you see here are Captain Kidd’s. If you gave my kids a dried apple from the supermarket they’d be horrified (tasteless, white, rubbery things) These are something special. Fruit with bird pecks, no stalks or bruises wont store, so need to be eaten right away […]