Archives for March 2015

Keeping the birds off your fruit

There is only one sure way to keep the birds off your fruit – and that’s to bird net. I write this today because this is the question on your lips, and you’re all so disgruntled when I answer bird net! Why do you all hate bird net so much? I love it! The whole […]

Bittersweet apple harvest

Today I picked my Captain Kidd apples, and what a bounty! The Captain is one of my top trees – a must have for its taste, practical size (unlike, for example, the gargantuan Monty), trouble free existence and reliable harvest. After a day of picking and sorting apples and pears – the orchard looks really […]

Get your Summer Crops dressed for Autumn

There is a very simple thing you can do right now to keep your summer crops believing in summer, to keep them suspended in a state of summery bliss – warm your soil. Cooling off begins with nights and mornings, the soil following soon after; and once those heat lovers get cold feet it’s all […]

How to Summer Prune Plums and Peaches

Describing pruning is a dastardly affair. I hope I have pared this description back to it’s bones and made it helpful rather than confusing (pruning can so easily end up confusing!) A few important points Plums and peaches are ready to prune when they finish fruiting. The shape I’m describing here is called a vase […]