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Autumn happenings & Winter crops

Greetings all, Well that’s it – summer’s a wrap! Cooler nights mean growth is slowing down, soils loose their heat and that flurry of energy returns to the earth for a rest. Whatever it is you want to be eating this winter needs to be getting a groove on. Getting your winter crops cranking while […]

Plum Crazy, (are Pips the best?)

Plums have taken over my kitchen, and, quite frankly my life. The combination of having a bit of land to play on and being easily seduced by fruit trees means I now have loads more plums than our family can eat and usefully preserve. Because plums have a short shelf life (even plus the extra […]

Growing baby greens

I’m a big fan of direct sowing. It makes sense, it’s what annuals were born to do. Rootcrops, coriander, rocket, beans and peas all hate being mucked around and prefer to get straight to the point, to be sown where they’ll be grown. Saladings are the same. Although they swing both ways – able to […]

How to pick and store plums

There’s a small window, a perfect moment when fruit is ripe for picking. The only way you catch it is by keeping an eye on your crops. With a plum, I reckon it’s just before it hits the ground. Pick your plums when the skin has that gorgeous dusky bloom on it and when the […]