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January in the Vegie Patch

To get the best out of all that hard-won fertility in your vegie patch you want to make sure that as your summer crops wind up, another lot of something takes over. Yes, it’s that scary “planning” word! Go on, I dare you – look ahead. What do you want to be eating this autumn? […]

January in the Chook Yard

Chooks don’t sweat. Imagine that in this heat! To make up for this fact you need to provide them with shade (and don’t skimp on it) summer through autumn. A dust bath (in the shade), fresh ground and a daily change of water help too. Put a dose of cider vinegar or garlic in their […]

5 ways to beat the Tomato Potato Psyllid

It’s the psyllid season. With a potential to wipe out up to 80% of your gorgeous tomato crop it’s an important pest to understand. Managing psyllids is extra time and extra money, but come on guys – it’s tomatoes were talkin’ about! Are they worth it? Hell yeah! 1. Know the signs. Yellowing tips; curling […]

The kumara blog: part 3

The next step is fun!, taking the shoots from the mother kumara. To prepare, fill a small container with a weak seaweed or fish or comfrey solution to put your shoots into. Tip the sandbox out carefully so as not to break any of the new shoots and hold the kumara. (It’s a groovy sight […]