Archives for November 2014

Managing Pear/ Apple Scab (and other fruit tree fungi)

A mild winter followed by a wet spring means only one thing – Fungus. And this spring the fungi are having a party in my Winter Nellis (in the form of pear scab). To tell you the truth, I take it personally. How dare he get scab after all that lovin’? How dare he!! There […]

Neem those aphids into oblivion!

Yes they are starting to arrive – the sucking insects. The first flutter of whitefly in my greenhouse dwarf beans and the first few aphids on the unopened buds on my roses. There may also be scale on your citrus and soon we’ll be on the look out for psyllids on the Solanaceae. The answer […]

Winning the war on weeds

November is the weedy season. The combination of warming soils and spring rain make it so. I know it’s a soul destroying job with the same repetitive, recurring vibe housework has. But (unlike housework) weeding is really important. Weeds will nick off with the fertility and moisture you’ve so carefully crafted to feed and nourish […]

November in the Vegie Patch

The great gamble is upon us. Do we plant our summer crops or don’t we? As I write this I’m in woolly socks and a thick hoody – thinking even of getting the fire going, but the truth is tomorrow could be blue skies and back into shorts. It’s anybody’s guess and up to us […]