Archives for October 2014

Is Labour weekend the right time to plant summer crops?

In my garden, at the foot of the Tararua ranges in the lower north island the answer is definately no! It was chilly yesterday. I wore a beanie and thought of all those people planting their tomatoes and shivered on their behalf (the tomatoes I mean). Summer crops are just that – summer crops! Summer […]

Growing Kumara; part 2!

As promised, here’s the next step in growing your own kumara. These gorgeous looking things are my kumara shoots bursting forth, growing happily in their warm sandbox. Keep on keeping them moist and sometime soon add a thin layer of compost on top of the sand (just so they don’t go hungry) Get the bed […]

The best crop of potatoes I ever grew…

… grew on a bed of seaweed. All you coast dwelling, seaweed collectors rejoice! (you lucky things) Lay your kelp at the bottom of the hole and pop your seed potato on top. Cover with more seaweed and some soil or hay or sawdust. Watch those potatoes go!