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Spring Beauties

The wild burst of colour from the Paniculata out front of our place has cheered the landscape considerably (and totally impressed the tuis). There is so much beauty to be had in the garden in spring. I visit a lot of gardens and many people think they want an entirely edible landscape, or an entirely […]

Spring Greens with a Tahini Miso dressing

About 10 years ago I picked up a cookbook called The Healthy Kitchen by Andrew Weil and Rosie Daley, at an op shop for $1.00. What a gem it turned out to be! Today’s recipe is theirs. This is the kind of food I could live off – quick, nourishing and totally addictive. Its the […]

What’s new at Edible Backyard?

Here’s what’s new – I’m blogging! It’s been a big learning curve, and thanks to my partner-in-crime Anna at Help Me Net, I’m on the way. (For all of you who congratulate me on my wonderful website – the praise must go to her.) I thought it would be a chore and a bore; but […]

Successional planting in September

September means it’s game on! Tomato and pepper seeds are sprouting, dwarf beans are growing nicely in the greenhouse and the broccoli are flowering like mad feeding all the bees. Winter ebbs away. A focus here on the word ebb – there will still be cold, so don’t throw away the cloches yet folks. And […]