Archives for August 2014

Spring Beauties

The wild burst of colour from the Paniculata out front of our place has cheered the landscape considerably (and totally impressed the tuis). There is so much beauty to be had in the garden in spring. I visit a lot of gardens and many people think they want an entirely edible landscape, or an entirely […]

In praise of easy care perennials

I’m on the tail end of the Potager make over – making us handsome for open days and workshops. Mainly made up of easy care perennials like culinary and medicinal herbs, picking flowers and citrus; the potager is a wildly abundant garden once it gets going, and because I’ve chosen every day, easy care plants […]

Taking your soil’s temperature

Oh joy, the greenhouse soil has hit 15 degrees. This means she’s ready to germinate beans (there’ll be green beans for christmas!) For such a cheap and simple tool a soil thermometer makes a major difference. In order to sprout, seeds all have a sweet spot for a particular degree of warmth. For example beans […]

The easiest wormfarm ever!

A wormfarm in the ground – almost too simple to be true (you’ll be scratching your heads at how you missed this most obvious idea). No plastic, no complicated management; just nature unfolding (and the joy of finding yet another effective shortcut to ease your life). Trenching foodscraps direct in your soil is the easiest […]