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August: Caring for your fruit trees

There are a few important jobs in the orchard this month. The last of the dormant sprays need to go on If you had a serious case of blackspot or leaf curl you may be considering a lime sulfur spray. Get this on this month. Please dont use lime sulfur on apricots. Or for less […]

Get off to a flying start with your spring garden

Officially it’s the last month of winter, but August always feels like spring to me. The bulbs are blooming, the Paniculata flowering and calves are up and running in the paddocks next door – nature’s reminders that the energy is rising. Catch the wave, and get a jump start on your spring food garden. Soils […]

Have you pruned your fruit trees?

With only a couple of weeks left in the pruning calendar, I want to encourage those of you who haven’t yet, to give your fruit trees a good prune! When you prune you get the very best out of your tree. As simple as that. A fruit tree that towers over your head is a […]

What to plant in your vegie patch in winter

A journalist once asked me “Whats the best time of year to start a garden?, and I said “Anytime!” There is not one food growing season, there are four! Let’s take a look at what to plant in your veggie patch in winter. I encourage you to take this leap into year round gardening (or […]