Archives for June 2014

Soothing Hot Chocolate

In need of soothing? Well, look no further – soothe the day with this hot chocolate like no other. This simple recipe uses good old cocoa powder (do choose Fairtrade). A cup of this feels like pudding, so go on be naughty at morning tea time. For one cup 2 teaspoons cocoa (depending on your […]

Making Use of Weeds in July

Now there’s an inspiring photo – a weedy garden bed! Yes, a few of my beds have gone feral. There is an upside to this. There within my wild looking garden are the beginnings of a new spring bed or the rejeuvenation of an old one. Those weeds are a pile of nourishment awaiting construction. […]

Gardening in a (Tempera)Mental Climate

Greetings Edible Backyarders, Us gardeners get a bit worried about mild winters. No rest for our deciduous plants (friends have blossom on their pear tree!), no break from weeds and pests …  it’s too warm for my liking, but it’s not like I can do anything about it. Every season throws new stuff at us […]

June in the Vegie Patch

There’s a new guild of plants in my vegie patch – I’m calling them the survivors. These are the crops that made it through the big storm. Root crops – hidden underground were fine; parsley, rocket, cress, perennial leeks and kale all handled it and are heads up again for harvesting. Insure yourself against climatic […]