Archives for December 2013

January in the Vegie Patch

The summer vegie patch is a feast for the senses – bold colours, fragrance and lots of produce. Hang out and watch all the beneficial insects working your flowers and your pests – nature is awesome. I hope your garlic is up. Don’t let the leaves dry off as a lot of books and mags […]

January is Citrus Feeding Time!

It’s citrus feeding time! Especially important for those of you in the lower half of the North Island (or anywhere that’s marginal for citrus) to give new seedlings a good old leg up. Get them growing strong while the weather is warm, so they are bigger and bolder for when they need to take on […]

Wild Child School Holiday Adventures!

Nature brings magic into our kids lives. If your child has nature deficit (ie: too much screen and not enough sun) then send them along to Steve and Jens wonderland these holidays. An overnight camp to sleep out under tarps, cooking around the fire, laughing, jumping, running, singing, eating, telling stories and hopefully sleeping. They’ll […]

Give your Chooks a Red Mite check this January

Red mite season is upon us! These tiny little red spiders will drive your chook nuts (imagining being crawled over all night long). Do check. Simply pull back the bedding in the egg box in the morning and you’ll see them scamper away, or you’ll see them on the eggs. Another check is to run […]