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December in the Vegie Patch

Are your gardens mulched? You know you don’t even need to pull the weeds, just lay wet newspaper a top and mulch a top of that. All those weeds will die down in the dark leaving a lovely feed for the soil – delighting the worms beneath. If the worms be happy, the plants are […]

December in the Orchard

Summer pests are on the rise. Keep an eye out for unusual leaf shapes or colours (a stitch in time saves nine.) If the comfrey beneath your trees starts to wilt get out there with the hose quick smart! Make sure your fruit trees don’t dry out especially at this time of developing fruits. If […]

Come to the Summer Gathering…

  …our annual celebration of the good life! (A ticket for christmas would be just the thing wouldn’t it!) The dates are February 15th OR 16th 2014. Gather your favourite adults and spend a day at my place soakin’ up the summer garden and learning a heap of cool stuff. We’ll be talking backyard chooks, […]

Summer in the Organic Vegie Patch

Is anything prettier than Summer in the Vegie Patch? Zinnias, sunflowers and cleome feed the bees and beneficials, piles of spring compost percolate and summer vege starts pouring through the door – tomatoes, beans and cucumbers, yum! Summer in the Vegie Patch is comin’ up on December 7th, 10am – 1pm. We’ll be learning to […]