Archives for September 2013

October in the Orchard

The plums are having babies. Tiny, wee new fruits, so precious! Keep an eye on how they develop. Thinning time will soon be upon us. Are your peaches or plums showing signs of leaf curl? It’s really too late to do anything, but do support them through this stressful time with regular foliar sprays of […]

October in the Vegie Patch

October is the get-ready-for-summer-abundance month! Boy oh boy there’s lots to get done if we are to grow enough to fill our pantries for winter.  Get ready people, but wait till conditions are perfect before planting out those heat loving crops. The October garden is an up and down affair. Hot days followed by cold, […]

The Chook Workshop

Coming up on October 10th is the Chook Workshop. You’ll learn how to be a good mum to your flock, how to handle the tough stuff eg: worms, death, lice; and how to get them working for you in an easy to manage system. Chooks are so very useful to the food gardener, I can’t […]

I’m Open On Tuesdays

I‘m doing something new! I’m opening my garden every Tuesday from October 15th through December 17th; 9.30 – 2.30. Come along for a garden stroll, a garden chat and more importantly nice cake and herbal tea. Entry fee is by koha. See what I’m up to in my food gardens and visit the smallest shop […]