Archives for May 2013

June in the Vegie Patch

Not much doing in the garden from now, so take the chance to reflect. Pausing to ponder keeps you on track for an easy to manage food garden. Without that pause you’ll just go on bashing your way through, expending twice as much energy as you need. So stop. Think for a minute. How is […]

June in the Orchard

The time has come to mulch my trees. This means the big job of cutting grass which has been left wild since November. That lovely long sward of grass and wildflowers keeps the moisture in and feeds my garden helpers. This will be a family event to be sure, and it’ll be lovely to freshen […]

I Love Winter

I love winter. I love the cold. I love getting rugged up and being out in those cold, still days. I love that the aphids die. I love puddings. I love watching the deciduous trees go to sleep. I love watching the garden slow down. I feel pretty confident that Nature did not intend for […]

Easy Weeding

Weeding is my least favourite job in the garden. I put a lot of energy into creating a vegie garden with very little weeding – grass free zone so there is only one big edge round the outside, sawdust paths, mulch, and intensive planting all contribute. Then when there is a bed that needs clearing […]