Archives for April 2013

Growing Carbon

Not the most pretty photo I agree, but to the food gardener this is a gorgeous supply of carbon, a beautiful bounty of mulch… These are my cornstalks. How do you deal with big chunky bits of of garden waste? Make ’em smaller of course! Chop them into 20cm chunks with your loppers and spread […]

Another Fantastic Festival

Big ups to all those intrepid folk who braved the weather and came along to our Autumn festival. The weather didn’t matter, did it? What amazing days we had together – I thank you all for your fine company. Congratulations to Rosemary Neilson and Traci Wheeler for winning the best pickle of the show! Talking with Steve […]


This long hot summer has suited the peppers – look at them all! We have a lot of roasted pepper and tomato pasta sauce in the freezer this year and am giving juicy, fat organic peppers to anyone who turns up. I plant 6 plants each year for an abundance of produce. As long as […]

Oh, Beetroot!

Can you feel the vitality of this salad jumping off the page? Fresh picked beetroot grated over a salad just brings it to life doesn’t it? Beetroot is such a vibrant vegie, and no surprise (with its deep red colour) that it’s a blood cleanser. Feel free to use it raw (pickling isn’t the only […]