Archives for February 2013

A gorgeous zinnia to brighten your summer day!

Sweet heirloom, sweet corn

Had a great discussion about corn at the Autumn in the Vegie Patch workshop – someone had grown heritage corn but didn’t like it – preferred the sweetness of F1 honey and pearl. To me F1 sweetcorn is like junk food from the garden, like pacific rose apples – bred for 20th century humans – […]

Here come the pears!

Here are the 3 varieties of pears I am picking – Doyenne du Comice, Triumph du Vienna and Clergeau. Don’t let them ripen on the tree (apart from Seckle!) as they’ll go mushy by the core and get that gritty texture. Feel them like you do an avocado – slight give at the neck and […]

Remember to stop and observe

“How very necessary it is to train ourselves to observe the natural beauty around us so that in the exuberance of our beautification schemes we shall not do things that disturb and eventually destroy the landscape… seldom if ever do we achieve the quiet perfection of natures plantings…” Edna Walling.